I wrote this piece for bklynorbeyond, which is a great site that really tackles the city/country mouse conundrum.


Check out my new web series Other Mothered on nickmom.com


Half way done and Mr R took some minutes to take in some South Dakota sites: The Badlands and The Corn Palace. I’ll leave you to discern which is which.



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Let’s here it for Madison, Wisconsin!


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Borrowed this water bottle from my in-law’s house and half way thru my day noticed the labia, I mean, label



Culture shock fun fact #1: plastic bags are illegal in Seattle. Like, against the law.
So when you buy a book at a bookstore or a toy at a toy shop or what have you, they just hand it to you and you walk out carrying it in your hands, feeling awkward.

I’m going to need a bigger purse.


The big rig was packed to the brim and Mr R & Mr R Senior (Grandpa) pulled out of Pville today around high noon.

First stop: Clarion, PA

The girls and I are charting their course on a USA placemat map with a wax crayon.

Mr. R has a couple of Hazel’s “guys” on the dash to keep him company.



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are the newest members of the Woodland Park Zoo



on the patch, natch!